Rapper Tim Dog: Dead or alive? Dog suspected of faking his own death

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Allegedly deceased rapper Tim Dog is currently being sought out by police after a woman claimed that the rapper is actually alive and faked his own death in order to avoid making good on a debt.

According to E! News, Tim Dog was reported dead in February after suffering a seizure. The woman whom he owes money to claims that the rapper, whose real name is Timothy Blair, is actually alive. Esther Pilgrim has since gone to Mississippi police, who are investigating the claims.

Desoto County Assistant District Attorney Steven Jubera tells E!, "I don't have any death certificate and I don't have anything to confirm if he is deceased.” Jubera informs that a request for a death certificate has been made.

Pilgrim met Blair online in 2007 and loaned him money shortly thereafter under the stipulation that he pay her back. When Blair failed to pay back his debt, she took him to court. In August 2011, Blair pleaded guilty to grand larceny and was ordered by a judge to pay Pilgrim $19,000 in restitution payments monthly until his alleged death.

Jubera notes, “I'm not pursuing a fraud case involving Mr. Blair's death [or lack thereof]. The only proof we have is that he hasn't paid his bill. All I'm after is to bring him before the court to pay his fines. At this point, I am pursuing this to fully pay as ordered. If he is deceased, we would close the case. And, if he is in fact alive, the bench warrant is in place to bring him into custody."

The Source, who wrote a lengthy obituary following Blair's death, reports that Blair's longtime friend Ced Gee refused to speak at his friend's funeral, stating that his parents also would not produce a death certificate.



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