Scientists control aging with chemicals

By T.J. Murray,

It has long been wondered if aging was a natural effect of use and gravity or if it was a controllable bodily function. Scientists have discovered that manipulation of chemicals in the brains of mice extended life spans and prevented conditions related to old age.

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According to The Guardian, scientists in the United States have manipulated the chemicals in the brains of mice which diminished the effects of aging. Most notably, the mice retained their physical and mental prowess for an extended period, and some of the mice saw increases in life spans by up to 40 percent.

UT San Diego reports on the human application of the findings. Scientists hope that manipulating similar chemicals in human brains could help battle diseases like Alzheimer's. However, the study has not been reported to include any animals other than mice.

In the meantime, one of the best ways to keep your brain firm is to play some video games, according to Rappler. A study published Wednesday found that playing video games can slow, and may even reverse, the effects of aging on memory and coordination.

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