Top 15 shows that won't be back this fall

By Kristin Ambrosino,

Are you as shocked as we are about all the cancellations that are happening on NBC, ABC, FOX, TNT, and CBS? Many shows have not been picked up for the fall season and many fans are very disappointed. It is pretty sad that all of the actors on these shows, who thought their series were going pretty well, just ended up not being renewed for the fall. A lot of the top networks have decided to renew some shows, but it doesn't even account for all of the shows they have decided to cancel. Between angered fans and upset actors and actresses from these various shows, these networks don't seem to understand they are taking away a family's opportunity to make a living.

We found the top 15 shows that major networks, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and TNT decided not to renew for the fall season. Give us your comments about what you think about all these cancellations. Are you relieved that some of these shows aren't coming back, or angered that a new show you just started to love just ended with a snap of a finger?

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