Truck driver saves a man's life with the right timing and the right truck

By Amanda Horowitz ,
A truckers unbelievable timing and quick thinking helped save a man he found in an upside vehicle in a roadside pond

A truck driver who spotted a vehicle flipped over in a roadside pond saved a life when he pulled over and sprung into action. Scott Rosenberg, on his way to Manning Trail North in Stillwater, Minnesota, saw the accident and used his semitrailer and equipment to pull the car out of the water and the driver, Nate Anderson, to safety.

In reports to CBS it was discovered that Anderson had fallen asleep at the wheel when he hit a mailbox and flipped into the pond. When rescued, Rosenberg heard Anderson groan, and rescue crews took him immediately to Regions Hospital, where he spent four days with a broken vertebrae and tendon injuries. Medical staff suggested that his injuries could have been much worse if Rosenberg hadn’t pulled out the vehicle when he did.

According to Yahoo News, Rosenberg told WCCO.com, "I did what most people would do—stop and help if they had they ability to." Rosenberg’s place, timing and truck saved Anderson’s life, but it was the decision to pull over and help that made all of the difference.



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