Vanessa Hudgens had a 'struggle' finding herself again after filming 'Gimmie Shelter'

By Gina DiFalco,

It’s been a known fact that actors can sometimes get so into the character they portray that it’s difficult to pull themselves out of it once filming has wrapped.

This happened to Vanessa Hudgens, who admits she struggled to find herself after she filmed Gimmie Shelter. In the movie, she played a homeless teen.

While in Vegas for the opening of Hakkasan Nightclub this past weekend, Hudgens told People “I had a struggle, for sure, finding myself again. But with diet and with working out and increasing that serotonin, I got back to who I am."

The former High School Musical star has most definitely got back to her normal self but she admits it was a process.

“It was my first departure that I did. I chopped all my hair off for it," she said. "I pushed myself so hard and so far and as soon as we were finished filming I had no clue who Vanessa was. I had to find myself again. It was an amazing journey and an actor's dream."

She now has her long hair back and she’s been spotted leaving an array of fitness classes lately, like a Pilates class on Thursday, Celebrity-Gossip reports.

image: INF Daily



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