Viral Video Watch: Dog doesn't want kisses from eager owner

By T.J. Murray,

Viral videos usually come with at least some English. Even Psy's Gangnam Style was riddled with American phrases amidst the singer's home tongue. But the most recent viral video is completely unintelligible to the ears of most Americans. Its success relies on the universal nature of its protagonist's struggle.

In fact, the video is so foreign that the keys to type out its title do not exist on American keyboards. Without its traditional title, it has been dubbed "Dog rejects owner's affection."

Yahoo News reports that the dog is called Mari-Kun and that the owner and video creator's name is unknown. The userpage includes a slew of other doggy videos, but none come close to the nearly 2 million views of the rejection video.

This video is as timely as it is funny. According to PR Newswire, the American Humane Society is celebrating kindness to animals for a week starting tomorrow. This is a traditional week long event occurring since 1915. If you support that charge, hopefully your pets don't pull a Mari-Kun and shut you down.



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