Warner Bros. hires Christopher McQuarrie to remake ‘Ice Station Zebra’

By Ricky Riley,

Christopher McQuarrie who recently directed Jack Reacher, is set to direct a remake of the film Ice Station Zebra

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ice Station Zebra was made in 1968 by MGM studios. The film was adapted from an Alistair McLean novel.

The main plot centers on an American Naval submarine crew that races the Russians to obtain sensitive photographic material from an Arctic base that has secrets of U.S silos. Supposedly, the crew is to assist the team manning a British weather research outpost Drift called Ice Station Zebra.

The original was directed by John Sturges and starred Rock Hudson, Jim Brown, and Ernest Borgnine. It was nominated for two Oscars.

This film is the third film McQuarrie has directed. It is also rumored that he is up for the fifth Mission Impossible film, reports Slash Film.



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