10-year-old Sophia Grace releases new music video, ‘Girls Just Gotta Have Fun’

By Julianne Ishler,

Ever since Sophia Grace became a YouTube sensation from belting Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass,” we’ve been craving more from the powerful, 10-year-old singer. Last week, Grace released an original song with an elaborate music video, called “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.”

In the video, Grace wears a pink dress and sunglasses as she sits either on her pink throne or in her pink toy car. (And we thought we could never get enough pink!) Rosie McClelland, Grace’s cousin who appeared in the "Superbass" video, makes an adorable appearance in the video also, although she’s only credited as an extra. Grace and McClelland go to a party (in great dresses, of course) with a bunch of other 10-year-olds, aside Roshon Fegan as the DJ.

“Please don’t get your feelings hurt because you’ll get your turn,” sings Grace in a sassy tone.

According to Just Jared, Matt Alonzo directed Grace’s video. He previously worked on music videos for Soulja Boy, Pitbull, Ice Cube, and Far East Moment.

Last year, Grace appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Rosie. Grace met her idol, Nicki Minaj, on the show and sang a passionate rendition of “Superbass” with her. Grace even pays tribute to Ellen DeGeneres and Nicki Minaj in her song: Nicki is my princess, Ellen is my queen.

You gotta give it to her, fan or not, the girl’s got spunk!

What do you think of Sophia Grace’s new song? Should she keep producing more originals or stick to covers?

Image: Sophia Grace Twitter



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