Alyssa Milano was the inspiration for Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’ (Video)

By Markirah Shaw,

Mistresses star Alyssa Milano revealed that the beloved Disney princess Ariel was modeled after her for the 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid.

Milano confirmed the long-standing rumor this Wednesday on the Wendy Williams Show.

Williams asked, “Were you the inspiration for this character?”

Milano said, “I actually was. I didn’t know that when it was going on, but they asked me to host the making of The Little Mermaid and it came out that the drawing and likeness of [Ariel] was based on pictures of me from when I was younger.”

At the time, Milano was a rising star on the hit show Who’s the Boss? So Disney animator, Glen Keane, drew inspiration from Milano’s face shape and her hairstyle to create a character that was appealing to teen girls in the ‘80s, reports Fanpop.

A lesser known actress, Sherri Stoner, was the live action model for Ariel’s underwater movements while the princess’ voice – both spoken and singing – was performed by Tony-nominated actress Jodi Benson.

Both Williams and her audience were thrilled by Milano’s revelation.

Williams exclaimed, “Doesn't that just make you want to dye your hair red and wear a clamshell bra all the time?”

Milano joked, “Yes, that's how I walk around at home.”

image: ABC



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