Best friend Brittny Gastineau visits Kim Kardashian at hospital

By Gabrielle Washington,

After giving birth to her first baby girl, Kim Kardashian gets a friendly visit from best friend, Brittny Gastineau.

According to E!Online, Gastineau brought the new Kardashian flowers and presents on Saturday. She was followed by her mom Lisa at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and did not hold back any of the excitement to boyfriend Kanye West or the new mother.

Apparently Brittny has been there from the very beginning, even bringing her donuts during those times of desperate need. Five weeks before the baby's due date, a girl that "has dark hair" came out and "looks just like Kim," a source told E!

A source told Us Weekly, that "they're all doing great and amazing!"

Now that everything is all said and done, Kardashian can begin the transformation in regaining her figure, because that was quite a difficult thing to take in as well:

"It was really hard for me to accept that the body changes, and I was having a different kind of pregnancy than Kourtney did," Kim told Us Weekly in April "She made it look really easy, but ever since the baby started to kick I've really embraced it. Now I love being pregnant!"

West on the other hand is now a happy father that will be enjoying his very first Father's Day.

Image Credit: Tumblr



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