Ciara getting sued by gay bar

By Amy Rose Lipsky,
Ciara offends gay bar

Pop-singer Ciara has been off the radar for a while, but recently she has angered the LGBT community for ditching them at the last minute.

According to TMZ, Ciara signed a contract with gay bar The Factory which promised the bar that she would be there to help them kick-off their parade during Pride week.

However, Ciara backed out at the last minute and the gay bar is now suing her for breaking contract. According to the article, Ciara announced that she wouldn’t be able to make the event a week before it was scheduled, but the bar continued to promote Ciara’s expected performance. The misinformation not only puts the bar in a bad light, but also Ciara who is releasing her fifth album in the near future simply titled Ciara.

Ciara’s reps aren’t worried, though. According to HNGN, the contract was never finalized, therefore making the lawsuit “bogus.”

It is unclear as to why The Factory continued to promote Ciara even after she cancelled on them.



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