Emma Watson will be returning to Brown University this fall

By Julianne Ishler,

After Emma Watson’s busy schedule of promoting her upcoming movies, This Is The End and The Bling Ring, dies down, Watson will be returning to Brown University this fall.

The actress, 23, left the university in 2011 due to alleged bullying reports, though she claims those were false rumors. The Los Angeles Times reports that Watson didn’t like being in the spotlight as she tried to seek normality. It became difficult for her to balance movies and fame along with academic work.

In a lengthy interview with Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie Magazine, Watson says, “I really like the face that {Brown} has a very open curriculum, that there aren’t any requirements. Really, I’ve kind of been in charge of my own education since I started out on Harry Potter when I was 9 or 10, and I liked that I could design my own major if I wanted to, and I could take independent studies if I wanted to on subjects that weren’t necessarily in the curriculum. I did an independent study on the psychology and philosophy of how and why we fall in love, which was awesome.”

Watson recently attended the premiere of her upcoming film This Is The End, also starring Seth Rogan, which hits theaters June 12. Her other film, The Bling Ring, comes out June 14 and is written and directed by Sofia Coppola.

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