The Family: New Robert De Niro mafia movie trailer premieres

By Amanda Horowitz ,
Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer head an ex-mob family under raps in France, but that doesn't quite prove to be the new 'normal' lifestyle they expected

The upcoming movie, The Family, has a newly released trailer pumping up old De Niro ganster fans for a thrilling film full of secrets, revenge, and laughs.

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In the comedy, De Niro plays an ex-mobster leading an ex-mob family. When he rats out “old friends,” he is relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program, where both he and his family find that lifestyle hard to quit, according to Inside Movies.

The trailer starts out with Michelle Pfeiffer - who plays De Niro’s fierce wife - burning down the grocery store of a Frenchman who simply insulted her. Like mother like daughter, Dianna Agron then beats a guy to a pulp with her tennis racquet for hitting on her. Following suit, John D’Leo – playing De Niro’s son – is shown next facilitating some type of drug ring at his school.

After the comedic opening of the rough and tough Brooklyn family adjusting to life under raps in France, the second half gets serious with exposed lies, explosions, shootouts, and more as director Luc Besson and executive producer Martin Scorsese hook the audience on the last action-packed 30 seconds.

Both De Niro and Pfeiffer show some of their mob roots, as Pfeiffer admits, “I guess there is going to be some crossover. That’s unavoidable,” according to Ace Show Biz. She is, of course, referring to her 1988 Married to the Mob performance as Angela de Marco. Tommy Lee Jones, as well, may show some reminiscent acting as he plays an FBI agent in charge of keeping De Niro’s ex-mob family.

With a loaded cast and jam-packed trailer, The Family is scheduled to make its theater debut September 20.

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