Kate Upton topless video surfaces, Internet hates TMZ for censoring video

By Daniel S Levine,

A topless video of model Kate Upton surfaced on the web Thursday, but it only served to make the Internet groan. TMZ, the site that got a hold of the video, only posted a censored version and even boasted about how employees got to see it uncensored.

The video was taken while Upton was shooting for a magazine while riding a horse. In it, she takes her bra off and quickly poses with her arms, covering her breasts. But the video catches a quick glimpse of her completely topless since she’s got to get that bra off somehow.

For some inexplicable reason, TMZ wasn’t specific about when the video was shot and used the headline “SUPER TOPLESS.” Which is really silly, since you can’t be more topless. She’s either wearing a bra or she’s not.

The worst part about the TMZ post is that they posted another video of two staffers watching the uncensored video.

According to Gawker, people on the web quickly figured out that the video is from a shoot she did for Complex Magazine two years ago.

If you search Kate Upton Topless on Twitter, you can watch the Internet meltdown in real time over TMZ’s decision to keep it censored.

UPDATE: TMZ has pulled the video from both YouTube and its own site.

image: TMZ Video



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