‘Little People, Big World’ family receives death threats from unknown stalker

By Markirah Shaw,

The Roloff family – who star in TLC’s reality show Little People, Big World - are being terrorized by an unknown stalker who has sent them increasingly graphic death threats.

The reality show follows the Roloffs who live on a pumpkin farm in Oregon. Three of the six members – mother Amy, father Matt, and one son Zach – have dwarfism.

Recently, the likeable family alerted the Washington County police after receiving numerous and very specific death threats online and by phone from a faceless stalker, Huffington Post reports.

Matt Roloff said, “They've been to the farm. They know it. Is it somebody on our farm? Someone in our own network of people we know, or some random individual? We don't know who's up to it, and it's spooky.”

He continued, “The stuff these people are saying is pretty nasty. They violate every hate category that you can think of. You can't just go around saying you're going to rape people or blow them up because of their disability.”

This is not the first time the Roloffs have been victims of undue crime.

In 2009, someone used a shotgun to put several holes in the handmade welcome sign for the family’s farm. Signs directing visitors to the farm were also stolen, reported the regional paper KBoi2.

At the time, Matt said, “It’s a little scary, especially as a little family. We feel vulnerable to have them come out and shoot our sign and take to guns, it makes you think.”

The Roloffs are equally unnerved by the recent anonymous death threats.

The local police are investigating the situation and have a few leads on possible suspects.



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