Michael Jordan won't back down suing store for $5 million

By Mearte Winter,

Michael Jordan is suing a grocery store for $5 million after they printed a 2009 full-page advertisement featuring his name.

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In 2009, the six-time basketball champion was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. For celebration and promotion, grocery store chain, Dominick’s Finer Foods LLC released a coupon that congratulated Jordan’s accomplishment with a $2 off coupon for Rancher’s Reserve steak, according to the Chicago Tribute.

While Jordan has filed a 90,000-page document against the store, naming all the endorsements Jordan made since 2000, the federal court thought the amount is outrageous.

“I thought the demand was greedy,” said federal judge, Milton Shadur.

Judge Shadur requested Jordan to attend a pre-trial settlement last Wednesday, hoping to settle the case without going to trial, but no arrangements were made.

According to CBS Sports, while Dominick’s did not use Jordan’s iconic jump logo, or the logos from his NBA career at the Chicago Bulls and Bobcats, the grocery store is liable for using Jordan’s name and number.

This case is now awaiting trial.

This is not the first store Jordan sued after a business used his name. Jewel-Osco published a congratulatory ad, but was protected under the First Amendment.

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