Mookie Blaylock charged at fault for head-on collision

By Brandon Lee Julian,

Former NBA All-Star Daron “Mookie” Blaylock has been convicted of driving with a suspended license and causing a head-on collision that took the life of the victim.

According to USA Today, Blaylock was air-lifted to the Atlanta Medical Center emergency room in critical condition Friday after his SUV swerved out of his lane across the center line and collided with an on-coming vehicle. The victim, Monica Murphy, was killed in the collision. An autopsy on her body has yet to be released.

Clayton County police of suburban Atlanta responded to the situation immediately and are still investigating the cause of the accident. Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen, 46, had spoken to Blaylock regarding the incident.

“The last update I got was that he was awake but groggy,” Allen said in a public statement, reports the AP.

Blaylock currently faces charges of driving with a suspended license and failing to remain in his lane, possible reckless driving charges to be tacked on as well. The conclusion of the investigation will determine the final charges Blaylock will face.

According to the New York Times, Seattle rock band Pearl Jam sent a get-well wish card after hearing about the incident. Prior to becoming Pearl Jam in the 1990’s, the band used the name Mookie Blaylock as a tribute to the star.



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