Sandra Bullock drops 'F-bomb' on Jay Leno (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Sandra Bullock, known as America’s Sweetheart, dropped the ‘f-bomb’ during her interview with Jay Leno on Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show.

The swear wasn’t a complete slip of the tongue, however, because Bullock was simply explaining to Leno that she has something of a potty mouth. The stunning actress stopped by to talk about her newest comedy, The Heat where she reveals that the movie has 190 swear words in it, Perez Hilton reports.

Leno asked if that is the “real Sandy” to which she replied, “Oh yeah, the truck driver is the way.” She explained that there are 190 f-bombs, noting “most of them are Melissa’s.” She explains by the end of the film she has sort of grown and is just “cooler” when she drops “them.”

“Do you talk like that in real life?” Leno questioned. “Not in front of children,” the Oscar winner replied. Leno, hoping for a rare Bullock f-bomb moment asked the crowd if there were any children present.

Laughing Bullock replied, “You know it just makes me feel f***ing cool when I drop them.”

Following her role in The Heat, Bullock will star alongside George Clooney in Gravity, Minions and an already rumored sequel to The Heat!

Image: NBC



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