Seal apologizes for Twitter rant on Joel Madden's marijuana arrest

By Gina DiFalco,

When Seal got word that his Voice Australia co-judge, Joel Madden, was arrested for possession of marijuana, he posted a rant on Twitter to showcase his feelings on it.

In a statement, the Good Charlotte musician said about the incident "Sunday while I was at work, a hotel employee found a small amount of marijuana in my hotel room. The police were called and responded. Sydney is my adopted home and I appreciate the way the NSW police handled the situation. They have informed me there will be no charges. I hope this didn't cause too much drama for everyone." But Seal was a bit more passionate.

In a series of Twitter posts that have since been deleted, Heidi Klum’s ex wrote about Madden being asked to leave The Star’s Darling Hotel. He said the hotel had asked Madden to meet with a cancer patient before they found the drugs in his room, but that didn’t make front page news.

"Homeless shelters, provide time and love for disabled kids, represent at the Logies and not to mention bring hope to aspiring artists... across the nation with his authenticity and heart. Yet having a joint in the privacy of his hotel room is worthy of front page news???" Seal wrote, Entertainmentwise reports.

He added, “Way to respect a guest in your country trash media, way to make us feel welcome. Keep it up..sure we’ll be back next year. and yes, I say we.”

After posting a few more messages, he wrote “I stand by my Bro and WILL NOT BE BOUGHT!" He deleted all of the posts and apologized, writing "I want to apologise for my rant earlier. Joel is one of my best friends and I was really hurting for him. I want to say I have loved being in Australia, I've loved working on The Voice and with an incredibly talented group of Australian artists."

image: NBC



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