Shakira and Madonna revealed as 'genius' status on Mensa International list

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Mensa International has released a list of celebrities with IQ’s which deem them “geniouses.” Among the list includes The Voice coach Shakira and “Like a Virgin” singer Madonna.

In order to make it into the Mensa International, one must have an IQ of above 139, Yahoo reports.

The list revealed that Madonna has an IQ of 140, Django Unchained director Quentin Tarentino has an IQ of 160 and actor James Woods tops the list with an IQ of 180.

Modern Family actor Nolan Gould is the youngest member on the list at the age of 14. He has an IQ of 150, according to the report. Gould is so smart, in fact, he graduated high school at 13-years-old.

Also on the list, according to the website, is A League of Their Own actress Geena Davis, former Playboy playmate Dr. Julie Peterson, John Malkovich’s wife Glenne Headly has an IQ of 140, the hilarious Steve Martin has an IQ of 142 and Dolph Lundgren, who has a reported IQ of 160.

Image: NBC



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