Tom Sizemore of 'Saving Private Ryan' reveals details of his lengthy battle with drugs

By Leah Grubb,

Star of Saving Private Ryan, Tom Sizemore, is opening up about his drug addiction. His struggle with cocaine, heroin and crystal meth not only destroyed his career as an actor, but led to jail time and an attempted suicide. The actor now claims to feel like he is back on track, and it looks as though he is.

The Denver Post reports that Sizemore has appeared in multiple episodes of Hawaii Five-0, has several movies in the works and just released his memoir. The memoir, entitled By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There, shines the light on his long-lasting battle with drugs. Within it, Sizemore tells an honest account of those years, including painful realizations that he came to. He regrets things he said and did during his addiction, and apologizes to people he lied to and hurt. He says that he is not yet emotionally healed, but he has made a comeback.

According to The Belfast Telegraph, Sizemore revealed "I looked like I was 100 years old. I had no relationship with my kids; I had no work to speak off. I was living in squat ... I just started to cry." After contacting some friends, he appeared on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House on VH1, which he now admits that he did for the money to pay off massive amounts of debt.

Regardless, Sizemore is sober and on the right track again. He acknowledges his troubles aren’t completely behind him yet. His addiction could come back to cause problems in the future. However, he is taking it one day at a time and thankful for the support he has had thus far.

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