Best of the Web - 7/4

By Emma Tremblay,

We’re trying out a new weekly column – a collection of funny, inspirational, cute, interesting, or otherwise worthwhile internet time-wasters. Got feedback? Want to suggest something for next week? Comment below!

Disclaimer: these may not be the most timely findings , but they are things that have just been discovered this week.

Beautiful/Inspirational: I couldn’t pick just one descriptor for these BuzzFeed pictures, because they’re completely unique from anything I’ve seen before. They make me want to go exploring. I wasted far more time than necessary on the page because I was willing to look at each one for ages. Warning: BuzzFeed can be a huge timesuck. Try not to look at any of the side links…

Educational: Not everyone is terribly interested in learning a new language. But if you’re the self-improving type, if you’re traveling abroad in the near future, or if you’ve always had a burning desire to improve your multilingualism, Duolingo.com is for you. Lessons are like games, the whole thing is free, and language options currently include French, German, Italian, and Spanish. You probably won’t be fluent (my French accent is atrocious) but it’s got the basics. And even if you’re not exploring linguistic options, it’s a fun way to waste time and feel like you’re doing something worthwhile.

Feminist: Generally, I try not to be too preachy about feminism and women’s suppression, but these pictures of Barbie vs. Realism at Community.Sparknotes.com say it all. And in my very humble opinion, the more realistic pictures are more attractive anyway. Anyone else? (For an added bonus, the link to what we’ll all look like in the future is fun, in a scary way).

Humbling: I don’t consider myself rich, but Rachel Maddow at the MaddowBlog.MSNBC.com has given me a hint as to just how lucky I am with this little bit on prepaid debit cards as a Catch-22.

Useful: This particular find on StumbleUpon fell somewhere between “Cleverboots” and “Life Hack,” with a few moments of “Laughing at My Own Stupidity” in the middle. For the record, I’ve been carrying a dryer sheet in my back pocket since reading this post, and it seems to have kept the mosquitoes away; usually I would be covered in bites.



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