‘Game Of Thrones’: Top 10 Sex Scenes (Infographic)

Game Of Thrones is well known for its explicit sex scenes and bloody violence. The show is based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series and features families in the mythical continents of Westeros and Essos. They are fighting for control of the Iron Throne to rule the Seven Kingdoms and will stop at nothing to take it.

The show has won wide acclaim from critics and fans. In 2012, Peter Dinklage won a Golden Globe and Emmy for his role as Tyrion Lannister. It is also regularly sets ratings records for HBO.

Despite all that, the show also draws attention for nudity and sex scenes. Since it’s on HBO, the show doesn’t have the same constraints put on network and regular cable shows. That gives the creators free reign to be as graphic as their stories merit.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Sex Scenes from seasons one and two. And be sure to check out our season three season three review!



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