'Hot in Cleveland' recap - Oh Baby!

By Mindi McNeil,

It’s Wilbur’s first birthday and the girls are throwing him a party. Victoria has bought him a Marionette set complete with a theater but has a hard time putting it together.

Being around a baby sparks a talk between Alec and Melanie about what parenthood will be like. They both start to daydream, and come up with different fantasies. Alec daydreams about his one week old son being able to play a game of catch with him and Melanie showing up in sexy lingerie demanding sex. In Melanie’s daydream she has gained 75 pounds by the 2nd month of her pregnancy, has a ton of gray hair, and can barely get off of the couch, while Alec rushes off to play a game of golf.

Melanie comes in and talks to the girls about her and Alec’s conversation about having kids. Victoria suggests they get a baby from Malawi like Madonna does, Elka suggests that they get a baby from France so that it can read the instructions to the Marionette set to Victoria and Joy. Joy suggests that they take Wilbur for the day so that they can see what it would be like to be parents together.

When Melanie and Alec take Wilbur out for lunch he comments on what a chick magnet babies are, which Melanie tells him that that is not what their baby would be used for and to daydream about something else. They both start daydreaming about life as parents again. Melanie’s daydream is more like a nightmare; their daughter is about 14 or 15 and chain smokes, drinks, is pregnant and complains about how old Melanie is. While Alec envisions a 9 or 10 year old son that he can play catch with. They both come out of their fantasies and realize that Wilbur is missing. They go searching for Wilbur and he has crawled behind the bar. When the bartender gives him back to Melanie he tells her what a cute grandson she has.

Later on back at the house Victoria and Joy have had a hard time putting together the Marionette set together and admit defeat, while Elka continues knitting a hat for Wilbur. In the kitchen Alec and Melanie daydream about what it would be like for Melanie’s daughter Jenna to be a big sister and for what it would like for their kid to be older. Alec envisions that his son will get picked up by the Cleveland Indians but turns down the offer so that he could go to college and study Astronomy. Melanie sees her future as her being too old and tired to do anything, while her daughter Jenna gets to go out and party with Victoria and Joy (who still look great).

When they come out of their daydreams Melanie tells Alec that she wants to be a grandmother, not a mother. Alec says that he’s fine with that because he loves her, and wants to build a life with her. He leaves to go get a gift for Wilbur and Elka starts to fantasize what it would have been like if she would have had kids. She envisions Melanie, Joy, and Victoria as her kids, and realizes that she dodged a bullet.

Melanie goes outside to look for Alec and when he comes back with Wilbur’s gift she notices it’s a baseball glove. He tells Melanie a story about how the glove was a gift that he got from his dad, and how they used to play catch with it, and that he was going to give it to his son someday. Listening to his story she realizes that she loves him, and wants to be with him but doesn’t want to take away his dream of being a father and makes the decision to let him go. She tells him that she loves him, but they need to break up so that he can give the glove to his future son instead of Wilbur.



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