Jenny McCarthy's new position on 'The View' draws harsh criticism on Twitter

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Following the announcement that female comedian Jenny McCarthy would join the women of The View, viewers took to Twitter to bash McCarthy for her view that a vaccination caused her son to have autism.

Longtime journalist Barbara Walters confirmed McCarthy’s addition early Monday, and it didn’t take long for the tweets to start rolling in.

According to Ace Showbiz, the Twitter reactions ranged from “Congrats ABC for hiring vaccine crank Jenny McCarthy for her 'outrageous... fresh POV,' bc actual medical science is so stale and dull,” to “'Congrats to Jenny McCarthy on The View! We're proud to have one of our best allies in such a prominent position.' - communicable disease.”

Another tweeter posted, “In honor of Jenny McCarthy, The View's cast will spend their next episode interdicting donated vaccine shipments and lighting them on fire," and Julie Klausner posted, “'Hmm. Child killers, child killers. Is John Wayne Gacy...? Not female. Susan Smith? Out of the demo. Ooh! Jenny McCarthy!' -The View casting.”

McCarthy’s joining wasn’t all negative. Jenny Johnson posted in favor of McCarthy’s joining, while dissing recently ousted costar, Elisabeth Hassleback. “Jenny McCarthy replaced Joy Behar on 'The View' while Elisabeth Hasselback was replaced by an overly confident seagull with Tourette's.”

McCarthy will take on her new position this September.

Image: ABC



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