Magna Carta Holy Grail projects to make more history

By Michael Woolfson,
Will be first rap album to top charts for consecutive weeks since 2011

By now, the success Jay Z's experimental album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, has already had is well chronicled. It went platinum before the release, and sold over 500 thousand copies commercially in the first week. But the history doesn't stop there. Jay Z (no hyphen anymore) is now in position to have the first rap album to repeat at number one in about two years.

The last time a rap album held the number one spot on the Billboard hot 200 in consecutive weeks was Lil Wayne in 2011 with his fourth installment of Tha Carter in 2011, reports AllHiphop.

One of the major reasons for back to back number one weeks is the lack of competition. XXL reports that the only competition to Jay's number one spot is Sara Bareilles and her newly released The Blessed Unrest, but even that is highly unlikely.

This is all unofficial, as this week's sales numbers won't be in until July 24, but projections have Jay Z selling enough to maintain his number one spot. Projections are not always correct though, so we will have to wait and see.

If the projections are correct, it will be the fifth straight week that an album by a hip hop artist will sit atop the charts. Kanye West, J Cole, and Wale all held the number one spot prior to Jay Z's run at the top.



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