Matt Damon's role in Elysium was offered to Eminem first

By Michael Woolfson,
Damon was third choice

The film Elysium is set to hit theaters on August ninth. The star of the movie is Matt Damon, but he certainly wasn't the first choice for the role.

Director Neil Blomkamp revealed that Damon was actually the third choice to take the lead role in the movie. The first two choices were Eminem, the rapper from Detroit, and Ninja, a rapper from South Africa, reports Yahoo Movies.

In the interview, Blomkamp reveals that Eminem was initially interested but eventually said no after they were unable to film in his home town of Detroit.

Eminem has not been in many movies in his career, but he was in the very famous 8 Mile, which was about his own life. Em, born Marshall Mathers, said, "There are some things in the [works], a couple of scripts, I guess it's more so of just waiting now to see how they come together," in regards to him possibly stepping back onto the movie scene, reports Hotnewhiphop.

Eminem has been said to be working on an album, which is nameless, and has almost no information to it, so we will have to see when and if that comes to fruition.

You can watch the trailer for the movie Elysium below.



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