'Necessary Roughness' Recap: 'Snap Out of It"

By Nickolette De Clerck,
Dani attempts to help the famous self-help guru Nolan Powers overcome his migraine blackouts.

“Snap Out of It,” Necessary Roughness’ most recent episode, begins with Dani regaling Paloma of her trip to Idaho, while Paloma immediately begins attempting to fill Dani’s empty social schedule with something fun. Connor has also scheduled an appointment for Dani to meet with Nolan Powers, the self-help guru and motivational speaker who advocates against therapy of any kind, suggesting to instead “Snap out of it!”

Connor and Dani meet Nolan during one of his self-help speeches, afterwhich Dani and Nolan exchange some harsh words about each other’s professions.

After speaking privately with Connor, Dani sees Nolan staring out of the window of the V3 high rise. After getting his attention, Nolan asks Dani if the window can open, and when she replies no, Nolan tells her he wants to kill himself. Dani attempts to speak to Nolan about his suicidal thoughts, but his wife, Alli comes in and he claims a migraine is coming on and he’s got to get some rest.

Meanwhile, Terrence hooks up with a V3 model named Sheera and after getting out of the shower, finds he’s alone and all the model left behind was a bag of health and beauty samples. He goes to see her later, confronts her about the gift back and asks her why she didn’t stay for breakfast. Sheera tells him that she didn’t think he wanted to attach any strings, but if he did, she left him a pass to the place she frequents the most. She stays the next day for lunch.

Alone in a vehicle somewhere, Nico is speaking with a federal agent about hackers that have been placed in the V3 system, and the federal agent is pushing Nico to get him the information he needs as soon as possible. Nico tells him it’s too risky, but submits and tells the agent he’ll do it, but only for something in exchange.

After a meeting discussing plans for Nolan’s book release and new television show, Connor stops Nolan to ask him if he’s feeling alright. Nolan blows off the conversation with Dani, claiming, “If you ever had a migraine, you’d want to kill yourself too.”

Dani goes to a bar that night for a V3 lady’s night where a cute representative named Sam from one of V3’s clients drops by. Sam tells Dani he’s been dying to get to know her better. Just before they start to get to know each other, Dani’s phone vibrates and Alli is on the line. Apparently, Alli had gone through Nolan’s laptop that had been left open. She found a fake email, proceeded to read some of the emails. Nolan has been staying up late at night having long, improper discussions with 12 year old girls.

Connor and Dani confront Nolan about the emails and he refuses it up and down. Nolan says he’s getting a divorce from Alli. In the end, Nolan tells them to set up a lie detector test so he can prove he’s not doing what the emails show he’s doing.

Terrence and Sheera get to know each other a little, and Terrence finds that Sheera went to Stanford University with the intent to become an entrepreneur and then philanthropist. She wants to be rich. Terrence tells her of his dream to make a women’s lingerie line called Brickhouse. Sheera suggests they start a business together.

Much to the excitement of Paloma, Dani receives flowers at her office from Sam. Later, Dani finds out from Nico that Powers has passed the lie detector test. Dani insists on seeing Nolan, but when they finally get to the hotel, the television was on showing cartoons, the window was covered in stickers, and the coffee table was covered in crayon drawings. Nolan was nowhere to be found. They do some more searching of the hotel room and find a note written in crayon reading “Help me” along with migraine medication.

Meanwhile, Terrence walks in on Sheera pitching Brickhouse Lingerie to Connor. Terrence is immediately angry, telling Connor that Sheera didn’t have his consent to pitch it in the first place.

Dani goes to Connor to show him what she and Nico found at the hotel room. While discussing the situation with Connor, Dani notices the safety scissors found in the hotel room were left-handed scissors. Just then, Nico walks in and tells them Nolan has been arrested for attempted arson of his childhood home in New Jersey.

At the Trenton police station, Dani finally speaks to Nolan about what happened. He’s still incredibly angry about the entire situation and refuses to talk before he sees his lawyer. Dani shows him the crayons and note he left. Upon seeing the crayons, Nolan’s face suddenly relaxes and he starts drawing a castle. Dani asks him what his name is and he replies, “Scotty,” and that he is 8 ¾ years old. Scotty says that Nolan needs help, but he won’t let anyone in.

Once Connor, Nico, and Dani get Nolan out of the police station, Dani discusses with Nolan the possibility that he has dissociative identity disorder. She tells him that as a child he experienced some sort of trauma that causes his identities to split into a multi-million dollar motivational speaker, and a scared 8 year old boy. Nolan has no choice but to attend therapy to attempt to merge his identities.

Terrence visits V3 to apologize to Connor for the way he acted earlier only to find Connor already on board and Sheera in Connor’s office discussing Brickhouse yet again. Connor likes everything he’s heard and is ready to put together a design team.

Sam visits Dani’s office and asks if she’d like to join him for drinks. She declines, and Paloma asks her why such an “awesome unattached woman won’t go out for drink with handsome, unattached, lovely man.”

Nico speaks with the federal agent again and tells him he’s found a second set of books being kept at V3. In exchange the federal agent gives Nico entrance to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. Nico requests to visit an inmate, Alex Careles.

At one of Nolan’s book signings, Connor tells Dani that Nolan is blowing off the therapist. Connor reassures her that he will keep an eye on Nolan. Before they leave, Scotty appears, writes in a book, and gives it to Dani. In it, Scotty writes, “At least we tried.”

That night, Dani goes out to the hotel bar with Sam. He leaves his hotel door card with her. Dani hesitates, but eventually goes up to spend the night with Sam before he leaves in the morning.

New episodes of Necessary Roughness air Wednesdays at 10pm/9c on USA.

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