Southwest Airlines celebrate partnership with Dish Network with 'TV Flies Free'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Southwest Airlines is offering passengers the opportunity to enjoy free in-flight television on their iPad, iPhones, iPod touches, tablets and other Wi-Fi ready devices.

According to USA Today, Southwest Airlines began their “TV Flies Free” program Monday alongside Dish Network giving passengers flying on their newest Wi-Fi capable planes the opportunity to watch any of their 14 live TV channels; they originally charged $5 for the in-flight entertainment.

The company also announced the changes on their official blog. In addition to being able to view more than 50 TV episodes, passengers will have the opportunity to surf Bravo, CNBC, Food Network, FOX 5 New York, FOX Business Network, FOX News Channel, Golf Channel, HGTV, MLB.com, MSNBC, NBC 4 New York, NFL Network, and Travel Channel.

In a release from the company, Kevin Krone, Southwest's chief marketing officer, says, “Southwest Airlines continues to innovate and evolve our on-board customer experience. We started with Wi-Fi and now have expanded to television. This new offer puts free television in the hands of our customers."

USA Today notes that the planes will not have television screens in the seatbacks, making the planes lighter by five pounds per person. In order to use the "Free TV,” customers will have to use their ready devices.

Image: Southwest Airlines Official Twitter



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