'Tia & Tamera' Recap

By Rae'Shelle M Drayton,
My wife's a striper?

What's wrong with being called ma'am? Tia was called ma'am at a yogurt shop during an outing with her sister and their sons. She really freaked out about it. But I get it, many ladies don't want to feel like they are getting old and with her being a new mom she often talks about showing folks she still has 'it'.

To do so in this episode she participated in a Burlesque show. She even surprised her husband with this little stunt. I'm just so glad that this was a tasteful stunt, her outfit was cute and she gave Cory (her husband) a special little dance during the event.

I think the best thing of all was how supportive her husband was. After the show kisses and high-fives were given, but he also told her not to quite her day job. The whole thing gave Tia a little confidence boost. She felt that no one would be calling her ma'am anymore, well at least no time soon.

The sisters were invited to be in charity Poker game out in Vegas. Tamera doesn't know how to play so her first resort was to ask her husband. That experience went totally up in flames and she didn't learn much.

So she had a girls night! The ladies sat around a poker table with cards snacks and a whole lot of girls talk. The biggest topic of discussion was Tia and her burlesque show.

Another week and another great episode, I'm sure next weeks trip to Vegas will be interesting to say the least.




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