Top 10 80s movies you haven’t seen in a while

By Angela Corry,

The 80s was a time of big hair, big shoulder pads and some wild ideas and that translated in to the movies. Even the cliche love story has a big twist. The era produced an amazing selection of movies from Indiana Jones to Star Wars to Pretty in Pink. But the films we still idolize today weren't the only movies that were popular.

Many of the movies on this list no longer grace the movie channels, although you might catch an odd one on TMC every blue moon. Some, you'll laugh that you even watched it, some will have you saying 'I loved that movie,' and others you'll just want to forget you ever saw. There will be at least one that you remember enjoying, and one that you will watch again.

So now I am going to take you back to when Patrick Dempsey was not so steamy, when Jeff Goldblum and Kurt Russell were sexy and when teen vampires first became a cult favorite.



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