Top 10 one-hit wonders through the decades

By Marissa Pessolano,

Every decade, new hit songs come out by relatively unknown artists. They climb the charts and tend to get stuck in listeners’ heads, even if they don’t necessarily like the song. Sometimes, you will never hear from that artist again, and oftentimes, listeners will forget the name of the person or band that released the single. These songs are known as one-hit wonders. These songs will spend time on the charts, be featured in movies, and sometimes, they are even nominated for Grammys. Unfortunately, the artist’s follow-up singles do poorly on the charts, or don’t chart at all.

Here is a list of popular songs through the years from artists who were never able to find the same success after their big hit. This list of one-hit wonders from the United States will start at the '50s and end up in the early 2000s. All of these songs are memorable and many of them are still popular today.



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