Top 10 Tom Hanks Movies

By Amanda Horowitz ,

As an American actor, director, writer, and producer, Tom Hanks has been a part of over 125 films in his career. For these, he has won over 67 awards with an additional 62 nominations. What sets the 57-year-old Hollywood star apart is his mastery of different genres. He has conquered roles in action, animation, comedy, drama, music, romance, war and more. So which of Hanks roles were his most memorable? Fans and critics have quite a range of opinions on the topic, but there is definitely a set of Hanks’s performances that are more unforgettable than others. His extreme likeability and relaxed attitude as a person and character leads him to his frequent roles as an ordinary man in an extraordinary circumstance. From his first film debut in the low-budget slasher He Knows You’re Alone to his most recent appearances in Cloud Atlas and Saving Mr. Banks, here’s my pick of Tom Hanks’s top ten movies. Let the countdown begin.



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