Best of the Web: 8/31

By Emma Tremblay,

What do you waste your internet time on? What are the best procrastination websites and online games? What’s the latest and greatest in the World Wide Web that you think everyone should know about? Let us know—comment below!

Useful: When a friend faces the kind of awful personal tragedy none of us likes to think about, let alone talk about, it can be hard to know who to say what to. While this L.A. Times article won’t lay out sentences step-by-step, it does provide a simple, commonsense way to decide for yourself how to be helpful.

Fun: Silk, which is now available for Apple devices, is a beautiful drawing-board that comes with optional music and sounds. This is a good way to spend a few open minutes relaxing, and I guarantee you will make a striking piece of art. In fact, if you’re interested enough to spend a lot of time on it, some of the art is incredible.


Hugs are always cute. From ImageShack.US

Beauty/Feminist: I’m sure you’ve all heard of “thinspiration,” which is typically Tumblr blogs filled with pictures of skinny and sometimes anorexic girls. They’re meant to motivate other girls to stay or become thin and beautiful. That’s where Thickspiration comes in. Being overweight can mean being unhealthy and unhappy, just like being too thin. But there are plenty of things wrong with our current conception of beauty, and this Tumblr user is out to change that, one gorgeous plus-sized model at a time.

Awesome: I’m a huge fan of a Washington Post article explaining the crisis in Syria. It’s short and thorough (there’s even some Syrian culture!) and it comes without the condescension, bias and misinformation that goes with actually asking a person. Considering the recent escalation of conflict in Syria, and the fact that the U.S. may shortly attack the Syrian government with drones, it’s a good time to be informed.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Junior Melo



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