'The Challenge': Rivals 2 Episode 5 Recap

By Michael Woolfson,
What The Phucket?!

Another episode of The Challenge and yet another episode with a major twist that had people wowing by the time this week's episode was over.

This week started off showing Leroy and Theresa having some fun in bed, while Wes was sleeping underneath them. Wes had previously hooked up with Theresa on Fresh Meat 2, and he seemed to be pretty jealous that Leroy was now with a girl he used to hook up with. Wes then went on to move out of the room, which prompted Leroy and Johnny to make jokes at Wes' expense. For the rest of the episode Wes made it his personal goal to get Leroy and Ty sent into the jungle.

The next portion of the episode was definitely weird. It started off innocently when Zach was on the phone with his mother and he found out he was an uncle. He was upset that he wasn't able to be there to hold the baby, and be with his sister through the delivery. He said that knowing he is now an uncle was a lot of motivation for him though.

Things got crazy later when Zach was complaining of a stomach ache, and basically out of nowhere threw a temper tantrum. Jordan called him "the biggest toddler ever" for throwing this tantrum, over home sickness, and a stomach ache. This combination led to Zach breaking things in the house and causing a huge scene, which in turn brought out everyone's true feelings on Zach, that he is crazy, and a baby. There was one point where Zach looked like he might punch a camera man.

In a quick little segment before this week's challenge, Wes had a conversation with Diem, trying to convince her to vote for Leroy and Ty at the next deliberation. This goes back to Wes' jealousy and his vendetta against Leroy. This would turn out to be big later on in the episode.

Next was the challenge called Frog Smash, which had both team members trying to walk across a platform while all of their opponents were swinging at them on these huge bags trying to knock them off. This challenge had the potential to be highly entertaining and very competitive, but politics played a huge role in it. The winners on the women's side were Jasmine and Theresa, because nobody swung at them. Every other girl team figured that by letting them go and winning the challenge, that they would help them when they make the order for the next challenge. It will be interesting to see next week what type of order they make because everyone seems to think they won't be going first next week. This is also the first time that Emily and Paula did not win the challenge for the girls.

On the guys side they were playing for something more - to avoid going straight to the jungle. Zach and Trey went first, and set the bar as low as conceivably possible. Trey fell off almost immediately, and Zach didn't last much longer. After that, every team's goal was to just make it further than Zach and Trey did, and they were all successful. As for the winner of the challenge, like on the girls side, the guys strategically let C.T. and Wes win this challenge. The reason for letting them win, might be because they probably weren't going into the jungle anyway, and they are kind of a neutral team. During this challenge Zach got angry when Johnny went against his word, and didn't swing on Preston and Knight. So Zach, who is close friends with Frank, Johnny's partner, made it very clear he wanted to go against Johnny and Frank in the jungle he was inevitably headed to.

This week's deliberation was more wide open than any other thus far. So far it has been pretty clear cut who would be voted into the jungle, but this week it could be any of the guys teams, besides C.T. and Wes obviously.

Theresa and Jasmine had the first vote, and they voted for Ty and Leroy, Theresa's hook up buddy (for lack of a better term), was a "throw away vote." They made this vote because they assumed that one of the other guys teams would get at least three votes. In another surprising move Nany, Leroy's close friend, also voted Leroy and Ty, as a throw away vote, which gave them two votes while no other team had more than one. This was all very interesting because these girls were clearly unaware of the conversation Wes and Diem had earlier, where Diem said she would vote Leroy and Ty in. Diem did just that giving Leroy and Ty three votes, which was enough to put them in the jungle in a shocking turn of events. These throwaway votes came back to bite Theresa and Nany as they now put Leroy and Ty at risk of going home.

Leroy and Ty were set to face off against Zach and Trey in the jungle. Either way a very strong team would be headed home this week. The challenge seemed tailor made for Zach as they started up on a platform and had to break through sheetrock to get down one level, then use bolt cutters to snip through the second level, and then break glass to reach the ground. After that they would reach a door which they had to break open. First team to do this wins the jungle. A key rule in this jungle though, was that team members had to switch off breaking through levels. So one team member got levels one and three while the other got level two and the door.

Zach and Trey were getting through this really quickly, and they were leaving Ty and Leroy in their dust. They got down to the door while Leroy and Ty were down to the third level. Leroy and Ty eventually caught up but it wasn't enough as Zach and Trey busted through the door, and rang the bell for the victory.

As T.J. was getting ready to announce the winner, he said that Zach and Trey cheated. They didn't follow the rule that the partners had to alternate levels which they break through. Zach broke through levels one two and four. The tape agreed with this but Zach was in denial, and really believed he followed the rules. Earlier Zach had thrown his helmet in celebration and it hit Jordan in the head. The news that he didn't follow one of the rules really made Zach look dumb, as he and Trey were headed home for cheating. This wasn't a case of blatant cheating though, as Zach probably did this in the heat of the moment, and he probably wasn't thinking that he would cheat his way through. Either way Zach and Trey were sent home, in a moment that has rarely, if ever happened before in Challenge history.

Leroy and Ty come back to the house due to this formality and they still have a shot at the big money, much to the dismay of Wes. Leroy also made up with Theresa, as he said he has no hard feelings. Also a strong team went home this week and many people in the house are happy that Zach is gone due to his crazy behavior.

We are getting down to the nitty gritty here as the majority of the teams left are strong contenders. Each episode provides the opportunity for something new and crazy to happen, and that was definitely the case this week. Who knows what next week has in store for us.

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