'Hot in Cleveland' Recap: 'Cleveland Indians'

By Mindi McNeil ,
What's up Doc?

Melanie and Victoria walk into the house and see Elka sitting on the sofa dressed in black and tell her that she looks like a character in Downton Abbey. She tells them that she’s auditioning for a part in a community theater production. Joy is busy in the kitchen doing an online search for a new doctor for Wilbur, because she wants to fire his old doctor because he said that Wilbur was average. While online she finds a doctor from India who has great references, and she decides that she wants her to be Wilbur’s new doctor. The catch is that she is only taking Indian patients right now.

When Joy shows up with Wilbur for his appointment with the new doctor, she fakes being Indian and says that Wilbur is her son, not grandson. Dr. Kapoor finds out that Joy is single and wants to set her up with her 40-year-old son. Meanwhile, back at the house, Victoria’s wedding planner Jeffrey shows up and is trying to plan her and Emmett’s wedding, but she doesn’t want to let him know that Emmett is in prison. When he finds out about Emmett, he starts to leave. Joy comes home and says that she is going on a date with Dr. Kapoor’s son. Jeffrey tells Victoria he wants to be a part of Joy’s dinner date at the house because he wants to break into the Indian wedding circuit. He will plan her wedding if she gets him on that dinner date, and she agrees.

When it’s time for the date, Joy has hired a caterer who she has blackmailed to keep her secret. Dr. Kapoor show’s up with her son Ravi, who is totally gorgeous and Joy falls for him. Unbeknownst to Dr. Kapoor, Ravi is gay and in love with Jeffrey, the wedding planner. The girls try to keep the secret from her. During dinner, Elka comes home upset because she didn’t get the part that she’s auditioned for. Ironically, it has gone to Dr. Kapoor, who thinks that Elka is Joy’s mom. Elka lets it slip that Ravi is gay, and then it comes out that Joy is not Indian and Wilbur is her grandson, not son. Dr. Kapoor wants to leave and take Ravi with her, who refuses to go with her, and states his love for Jeffrey.

Joy begs her not to leave and tells her the story about how she gave her son up for adoption. Dr. Kapoor said that she did the same thing in her country when she was younger; she gave up a son who had a handbag tattoo. The caterer turns out to be her long lost son and is straight and married. She wants to spend time with him and his wife, so decides to give up her part in the community theater to Elka. She also takes on Wilbur as a patient and gives her blessing for Ravi and Jeffrey to get married.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Angela George



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