Lego creates controversy by planning Simpsons-themed Lego set

By Nicole Elliott,

Danish company Lego plans on releasing Simpsons-themed Legos in 2014 despite outrage from concerned parents that the Simpsons may not be appropriate for children.

Company spokesman Roar Rude Trangbaek did not say which Simpsons characters will be in the new Legos set that will be released next year, but he did say that Lego hopes that the product will "appeal to fans of 'The Simpsons' family," the Associated Press reports.

People expressed concern about the new Legos on the company’s website.

"I say no to Simpsons. It is not appropriate at all for LEGO's age group. It's not really appropriate for anyone," wrote one contributor, CNN Money reports.
Some people expressed similar concerns about Star Wars themed Lego sets.

Even academia has harsh words about Lego.

Christoph Bartneck, a robotics expert from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, recently published the results of a study that reveals that the characters have fewer happy faces than they had before.

"We cannot help but wonder how the move from only positive faces to an increasing number of negative faces impacts on how children play," he said in a statement, CNN Money reports.

Not everyone is hostile toward the new product, however.

"[It's] 'bout time, they're already the right shade of yellow!" tweeted one pro-Simpson Lego user, CNN Money reports.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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