More Celebrity Reactions to Ben Affleck as Batman

By Dylan Parent,

A few days ago, news broke that Ben Affleck would join Henry Cavill in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, playing the caped crusader Batman. Affleck will follow in the footsteps of esteemed Batman actors George Clooney, Michael Keaton, and Christian Bale, who portrayed the superhero in the most recent trilogy based on the comic book series.

Though Affleck has had a successful career, many fans of the franchise, celebrities included, have reacted negatively to the (un)surprising casting decision. Many base their harsh reaction to Affleck’s new role on his past box office bombs, including the romantic comedy Gigli and the big screen adaptation of Daredevil. Others joke that they could have brought more life to the role, inspiring the trending hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck.

Whatever the reason for celebrity and fan mistrust of the Oscar-winner in the role, more celebrities have voiced their opinion via Twitter on the casting news.

Here are 10 more celebrity reactions to Ben Affleck as the new Batman:

10. Judd Apatow lamented that he was not considered for the role:

9. Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle said the decision affected his enthusiasm about going to the movies (and being a father):

8. Daily Show head writer Tim Carvell mused that Affleck’s lackluster performances have not been forgotten:

7. Comic book writer and artist Brian Michael Bendis shared what he was most looking forward to of Affleck in the role:

6. Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton called to attention the actor’s previous upsets:

5. Fox News commentator Andy Levy smugly mentioned the lack of diversity in the role:

4. British rap duo Rizzle Kicks joined in the hashtag fun, posting a photo of themselves dressed as Batman and Robin:

3. Ellen DeGeneres voiced support for the actor and aspirations to join the franchise herself:

2. Haily Baldwin shared her dream dark knight:

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Avengers writer and director Joss Whedon stood in the minority:



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