'Necessary Roughness' Recap: 'The Game's Afoot'

By Nickolette De Clerck,
Necessary Roughness certainly gets rough this week - Dani's in deep for investigating where she shouldn't, meanwhile Terrence's marriage and career are falling apart.

This week’s episode of Necessary Roughness starts off on an emotional scene - Nico and Dani are trying to have a conversation about the fate of V3, and a man they’re both looking for for very different reasons - but Nico is having a hard time keeping his lips off Dani’s. She wants to keep it professional, for the sake of the bigger issue at hand: finding Joseph Crabcheck.

Paloma’s finally back the next day after being “sick” for two weeks. She claims it was the combination of a family thing and a flu thing. Later, Troy reminds Paloma that she’s expendable, again threatening to fire her. Dani, of course, doesn’t know about this, and before Paloma even gets a chance to give Dani her schedule, Connor shows up with two new clients for Dani, two sisters who could go to the Olympics, but up until this point have always been competing against each other. Now, they have to work together on a team. It appears to Dani that they’ve got a very simple sibling rivalry that they have to learn to overcome when it comes to running in the Olympics. The first things she has them do is a trust exercise, running laps while one is blind folded and the other guides them.

And as for Terrence and Sheera, the wedding might be off because Terrence is getting a prenup. Later during football practice, Terrence is still on the phone with Sheera trying to convince her to sign the prenup, but she hangs up on him. After some jeering by his teammates, Terrence gets ready to play. He catches a pass, his the ground, and the next thing he knows - he can’t feel his arm. Connor takes him to the physical therapist for examination. Sheera’s still blowing up his phone with calls, and when he finally answers, she’s calling because she heard he was hurt, not because she wants to argue more.

Meanwhile, Connor finds out from his lawyer that when Troy was supposed to be in Germany on business, he was instead holding meetings with V3 board members without Connor’s knowledge. So, Connor goes to Bruce, his ex-assistant and president of one of the largest V3 competitors. They left on bad terms, but now Connor is coming to her on his knees, genuinely apologetic, and ready to team up again as business leaders.

Nico and Dani take a trip to Connecticut to visit Joseph Crabcheck’s mother, who claims she hasn’t heard from or seen Joseph in a long time. Nico doesn’t believe her, but only because he sees a pair of cleats hanging outside the house, covered in fresh mud.

Paloma goes to HR to file a harassment report while Troy is at lunch. Connor is suspicious, but not enough to see what’s coming: Troy is meeting Bruce at lunch to discuss future business ventures, without Connor’s knowledge. Troy tells Bruce that Connor has been trying to destroy Bruce’s company. Troy wants to team up with Bruce to take over V3.

Nico and Dani finally find Joseph Crabcheck - he’s using a different name and coaching little league baseball. Joseph still denies his identity, claiming Dani’s got the wrong guy. Dani leaves her number with him. When Dani and Nico get back to V3, Connor and Troy are not happy to hear they’re investigating Crabcheck without telling them. Dani says it was in order to get Darryl Hutchinson back with V3, but Crabcheck actually threatened to press charges for harassment. Connor tells Dani she can’t pursue Crabcheck for information on Hutchinson anymore.

Dani goes to the track to watch her clients run and to meet up with their parents. While they’re running, her clients’ mother tells Dani about a car accident they were in, where the car flipped, but they both walked away with only minor scars. Dani’s clients are doing better than ever, but still one is not happy. Hannah still doesn’t trust Leslie, and is tired of pretending everyone is one big happy family.

After finding out about the harassment charges, Troy shows Paloma the documented texts and emails between the two, which doesn’t help her claim that he was the aggressor.

Meanwhile, Terrence is getting a second opinion on his injury, which is, unfortunately the same as the first. His muscle is torn, and it might not heal even with three months of physical therapy. Surgery can’t do anything, either. Which means that, if in the next three months, Terrence’s arm doesn’t heal, his career is over. There is, however, an experimental treatment available.

Dani calls Hannah to consult her before Leslie shows up to counseling, and Dani finally finds out what’s wrong. After the car accident, Hannah needed blood, but Hannah’s father couldn’t provide it for her. Everyone thought she was unconscious at the time, but Hannah overhead her mother telling the doctor they were different blood types, meaning Hannah’s father was not her actual father. She doesn’t know if her father knows that her mother cheated on him, or what the circumstances were, but Hannah has been carrying this weight around with her for years, unable to talk to anyone about it. Finally, Hannah opens up to her sister.

Bruce calls Troy. She’s on board with taking V3 out from under Connor.

Sheera finally agrees to sign the prenup, and Terrence gets a call that he is definitely a candidate for the experimental treatment. It’ll leave him playing at 110%, and Terrence is suspicious. In order to get the treatment, the V3 doctor is making Terrence sign a nondisclosure act.

Paloma’s been fired for faking illness. Dani doesn’t believe it, but Connor reaffirms that that kind of dishonesty is not what they need at V3. Troy agrees with Connor.

Dani and Nico are at Dani’s house going over the recent events while they get a knock at the door. It’s Crabcheck, and he wants to talk. Dani’s surprised to see him, and he’s surprised to hear that he threatened to sue. He never did, but he still wants to help Hutchinson. He can’t talk because he’s signed nondisclosure papers. Turns out, Crabcheck took money from V3. His mother is so sick and can’t pay medical bills on her own. Crabcheck can’t say much more, but tells Dani to look into the clinic. “It’s all about the clinic,” he says.

Meanwhile, Terrence signs the NDA, hoping to solidify his career and his future.

New episodes of Necessary Roughness air Wednesdays at 10pm/9c on USA.



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