Rapper Riff Raff threatens to sue over nude photos

By Eddie Solis Jr. ,

Rapper Riff Raff has filed a cease and desist letter against a website regarding alleged masturbation photos.

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TMZ reported that his lawyers had filed a cease and desist letter to TheDirty.com demanding that the pictures be taken down or face legal consequences. Riff Raff claims that the pictures, alongside stories of how they were obtained, will damage his reputation.

TheDirty.com reportedly posted alleged photos of the rapper naked on a bed along with two stories by victims who claim to have been subjected to unwillingly watch him masturbate. The first alleged victim--the one who snapped the pictures--was a hairstylist who was called to do his hair before a performance; the second alleged victim to step up was a college student who wanted to interview him.

According to HipHopDX.com the Houston, Texas native'a lawyers say he "vehemently denies the allegations contained in TheDirty.com's article." Riff Raff's lawyers also claim in the letter that the use of the unauthorized photographs violate California law as they are used for commercial gain.

This isn't Riff Raff's first lawsuit. He recently pursued legal action against James Franco and Spring Breakers for being the inspiration for character Alien without being paid rightful compensation.

He is signed to Mad Decent record label under producer Diplo.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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