Taylor Swift drops F-bomb on camera at VMAs... and?

By Meghan Jackson,
Taylor Swift is just like us!

Taylor Swift is accused of dropping an F-bomb at the VMAs while former beau Harry Styles was onstage presenting an award. Taylor is seen turning to Selena Gomez and mouthing what looks like, “Shut the f*** up.” Did Taylor throw the F-word towards the One Direction singer?

Some fans are disputing this claim, saying that Taylor said, “Sorry for my arm,” according to TMZ.

True, it does in fact look like Taylor is saying, “Shut the F*** up,” but the real answer is SO WHAT?

Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. Have you never wanted to tell your ex to shut the F up? Sure, critics will say she’s a celebrity and a role model and that this is a bad example, but I think we can all agree, there are worse role models than Taylor Swift, F word or no F word.

And then there’s the speech. After Taylor won an award for “I Knew You Were Trouble,” she thanked the person who inspired her to write it, which is rumored to be a few guys. Truth be told, whoever it's about should have seen it coming. It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a vixen notorious for dating guys and then writing songs about them after they break up. Maybe it was a surprise the first time to Drew from “Teardrops on My Guitar,” but after that we kind of figured it out. Anyone who dates Taylor knows what he they're getting into, and if anything it’s more publicity for him. That’s what she’s famous for. Well, that and those shorts she wears that make her legs look seven feet long.

Anyways, my point is this. If dropping what could have been the F-bomb was the worst thing Taylor did last night, I think we can all leave her alone. Not to call anyone out, but she wasn’t onstage pelvic thrusting half naked. And if we’re whining about mouthing the F-word, can we just note that some songs get completely censored to the point where you can’t hear the music from having such bad language.

She was just minding her own business, probably trash talking her ex-boyfriend to her best friend, just like every other person who goes through a break up does.

Maybe we could give her a break this year.



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