Top 10 break-up songs

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Finding true love and happiness is always the goal when starting out in a new relationship, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Often, love and romance turns into sadness and disappointment, which leads to an awful break-up. Breaking up isn’t an easy process.

There are a few cures for getting over the break-up blues, which include many nights of eating ice cream, posting Facebook statuses that are driven by sad lyrics, and watching romantic comedies. After the ice cream is gone, the last solution left for healing post-break-up is to turn up the music. Before the break-up process can come to a close, you often have to dance out the emotional pain and blast the music a little louder.

From Carly Rae Jepsen and Carrie Underwood to Justin Timberlake, here are the top ten break-up songs. What are your favorite songs to help get over a break-up?



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