Top 10 Cartoons Turned into Live-Action Movies

By Eddie Solis Jr. ,

With the release of The Smurfs 2 in theaters, it's obvious that Hollywood can't help but turn cartoons into live-action movies. The film is part of a long list of movies that started out as toons but were given the Pinocchio treatment and brought to life. And why not? They've been doing it for decades. The earlier adaptations used a lot of special effects and prosthetics to bring animation to real life, while the movies of the new millennium explored CGI technology. (I personally like the way special effects looked more tangible.) Some have been huge blockbuster hits while others have been movies only kids would enjoy. Regardless, these movies have found their way into our movie collections and into our hearts, whether for their fast-paced action scenes or their reminiscent influence of our childhood. Here we list the top 10 cartoons turned into live-action movies. Beware, after seeing this list nostalgia will come rushing in!



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