Top 10: Celebrities we’ve lost in 2013

By Daniel S Levine,

The summer is coming to an end, meaning that there’s only four months left out of the year. 2013 has been a sad one for fans of Hollywood, since we have lost plenty of legends throughout the year. From film critic Roger Ebert to Broadway legend Julie Harris - who died just days ago - legends have left us.

The list below only includes a few of them, but there have been several more losses this year. They say that celebrities die in threes - well celebrities have died in larger groups than that in 2013.

Some of these deaths have been shocking - no one saw the death of Cory Monteith or Lee Thompson Young, two rising stars - coming. James Gandolfini’s death left Hollywood and fans in mourning for days. As the year moves on, we’ll add to this list, but hopefully there will not be too many more. These are stars we should not forget and continue to enjoy through the work they left us.



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