Top 10 celebrity tweets from August 12

By Amanda Ostuni,

Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. It means back to work, whether you've recovered from the weekend or not. It means there's a whole five days ahead of you before the weekend comes around again. Luckily, we have social media outlets like Twitter to keep our spirits up; we can re-live the weekend vicariously through talking about it, express our sadness about it being Monday, and we can read the lighthearted, amusing tweets of our favorite celebrities.

On this Monday, celebrities had a lot of things to say on Twitter to distract us from the Monday blues. Many talked about the results of last night's 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Others shared some cool experiences, opinions, observations, news or gave us something to look forward to by self-promoting their own upcoming movie/show/etc. Here's the top ten tweets from August 12.

Jimmy Fallon did some self-promoting:

Julie Bowen responded to a harsh tweet:

Michael Ian Black commented on something he saw:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson made us jealous about his work day:

These celebrities shared some news:

Katie Couric:

Kate Walsh

These stars told us about their good fortune:

Seth MacFarlane:

Wil Wheaton:

These stars reacted to the results of the 2013 Teen Choice Awards:

Ellen DeGeneres:

Lucy Hale:

*Lucy then tweeted about how she misspelled 'one', so for the record, she is not a bad speller.



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