Top 10 Michael Jackson music videos

By Sari N. Kent,

Michael Jackson would have been 55 years old today. Despite his death four years ago, his legacy is still felt within the music industry, and his music videos are still heralded as some of the most innovative of their time. Though some of his videos met with controversy, he always stood by their message. Throughout his life and even in death, the “King of Pop” was surrounded by rumors, innuendo and scandal, but his die-hard fans never waned in their love for him, his music and his talent. Even following his death, MJ’s videos are viewed daily on YouTube and his albums' sales increased overall. All of his videos feature MJ’s signature style and gift in addition to telling a story. Some videos had a specific message while others were just fun to watch as MJ displayed why he was the “King of Pop” with his signature move, the Moonwalk. It is through these videos that future music fans can get a glimpse of Jackson’s genius and keep his legacy alive. In honor of his 55th birthday today, here are the Top 10 Michael Jackson music videos. R.I.P. MJ!

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