Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Team Mousey: A 'Grey's Anatomy' Appreciation Post

By Zoe Marquedant,

Hey Grey's fans. Remember season 9? I do. Little Grey and McSteamy died, Pegasus tried to buy the hospital, Arizona and Dr. Boswell happened - need I go on? I didn't think so, but let's not focus on the bad.

There were some bright moments. Mer got pregnant, Kepner got engaged and Seattle Grace-Mercy West got a new crop of interns. Jo, Shane, Heather, Leah and Stephanie became the new Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Izzie and George and all was right in the world, because we didn't know what Shonda had in store for us.

Personally, I was 100 percent Team Mousey the entire time. Heather Brooks is so clearly the best of the batch. She was the first to go through the full-body x-ray, she became McDreamy's new protégée and she got a rockin' new hair cut. In case you missed her awesomeness and her antics, here's ten reasons why you should be Team Mousey in season 10:

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