Top 10 on-screen couples who are together in real life

By Meral Kathwari,

When you’re watching a really good romantic movie, do you ever think that the on-screen couple would be perfect for each other in real life? Happens to me all the time. Whether I’m watching a romantic movie, comedy, action film or chick flick, and I see the chemistry between two actors, I only hope they end up dating in real life. It kind of makes the movie seem real! There have been some amazing films like The Notebook, where Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling ended up dating during, and continued after filming, which made fans really happy, and Titanic, where we totally wish Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio could’ve gotten married in real life. These are the Top 10 on-screen couples who have fallen in love on the big screen and TV and have fallen in love in real life too! Some are engaged, some have been married with kids for a few years now, and some are in the honeymoon stage. Regardless, we have fallen in love with these actors on-screen and off and can’t help but follow their relationship adventures.



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