Top 10 Sean Connery movies

By Sari N. Kent,

He’s in his 80s but can still make women swoon. He’s touted as the “best James Bond ever," and his classy manner and sexy accent have always made moviegoers flock to the movies!

Sean Connery has been a motion picture staple for decades, playing dramatic roles and even comedic ones, all with his own distinctive flair and no-nonsense attitude. Despite how harsh Hollywood can be, Connery has always given 110 percent no matter the role. Some might complain that none of his Bond movies are on this list. That’s because I wanted to focus on his work aside from playing the iconic super sly secret agent.

To quote Goldie Hawn’s character in the 1996 comedy First Wives Club, when referencing Connery, “He’s 300 years old but he’s still a stud!” In honor his 83rd birthday today, here are the Top 10 Sean Connery movies.



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