Top 5: Lewis Black’s best recent ‘Daily Show: Back In Black’ segments

By Daniel S Levine,

The great comedian Lewis Black celebrates his birthday today. Black occasionally appears on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show for his Back In Black series. Because sometimes, Jon Stewart just can’t put into words how awful something is.

Black is known for his incredible take-downs of the way society does things and his Back in Black segments are perfect examples of his humor. This guy just makes audiences crack up in laughter thanks to his delivery. You know when he hates something, he really hates it. Black has been a favorite of Comedy Central and even hosted a show called Root of All Evil in 2008. Needless to say, it wasn’t his finest moment.

According to IMDb, Black has been making appearances on The Daily Show since 1996, but this is just a collection of some of his recent best segments.

In February 2012, Black was incensed by the coverage of Whitney Houston’s death. He couldn’t believe how CNN and other news stations continued to rely on her song titles to segway from the story.

In September 2012, Black went over the threats to America’s children. The topic that sparked this rant was Chaz Bono appearing on Dancing With The Stars, which was somehow detrimental to our children. But how was Bono going on the ABC show any more dangerous than an alcoholic or a convicted money-launderer?

In June 2013, Black was annoyed by technology, particularly by Google Glass’s ban on porn. He also really, really wants a robot butler who will give him his beer.

In October 2012, after Lance Armstrong finally admitted to doping, Black wondered why we all aren’t doping. Also, butt chugging was a fad at the time. Oh, how we miss Fall 2012.

Last month, Black made an epic response to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s attempt to get businesses to leave and go to Texas. His tribute to what makes New York the greatest city in the world was incredible and possibly the best thing he’s done for The Daily Show. Warning, the version below is uncensored.

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